Civil law

Tenancy agreements, purchase and sale of real estate, loans, bills, insolvency, neighbourhood disputes, representation in judicial proceedings, labour law, association law, intellectual property law ...

Tenancy Agreement

Do you need to conclude a tenancy agreement for a flat, a house, land, and others? Do you wonder what such an agreement must include? Do you want to prevent potential disputes, whether you are a lessor or a lessee? I can give you advice on all elements of the concluded contract, explain you your rights and obligations and help you to handle problems with your lessee/lessor.

Purchase & Sale of Real Estate

Are you worried the purchase or sale of your property turns out satisfactory? I can guide you through the process step by step and we can examine all legal aspects together. We will set up an agreement tailored to your needs so that you are protected and satisfied.

Loans, Bills, Insolvency

I can lend you a hand also with legal acts in the financial field. Do you need a loan or are you going to provide funds to someone else? Do you find yourself insolvent or do you have to sort out your financial situation by insolvency proceedings? Trust me that together we can find a way out of trouble.

Neighbourhood Disputes

Relationships between people are not always simple. In particular neighbours can easily get into disputes when they try to protect themselves and their property. Finding a common ground after conflicts is extremely difficult. Well, keep track of your rights and prevent age-long disputes. I can help you to protect yourself against malice and the thoughtlessness of your neighbours.

Representation in Judicial Proceedings

Is it the moment when you need lawyer services? Representation is substantial part of my work and it refers to all areas of civil law.

Labour Law

Employment relationship, agreement to complete a job, notice, redundancy payment, pay dispute, accident at work, work discipline, and others. I can make you familiar with all your rights and obligations and we can find solutions to your employment affairs together.

Association Law

Do you need to found an association but you are not sure which documents are necessary for its creation? The new Civil Code brought about many changes also in non-profit organizations and I can help you to understand them.

Intellectual Property Law

Do you know how to protect the results of your intellectual activity? Take legal advice in the area of copyrighting to literary and scientific work and works of art or in the area of industrial property rights (patents, applied designs, geographical indications, trademarks, and others).

If you have a legal problem you do not know how to deal with, do not underestimate it and refer to a lawyer. Every trouble has a solution. The earlier you start to tackle it, the easier the solution and the way out of the problem is. Do not take any important legal steps on your own account. Consult an expert!

Short consultation before starting a business or a proposal for resolution of a property related dispute can prevent big worries and expenses in future years. Your lawyer is your “friend” always ready to help you whenever you doubt whether your answer or the chosen way is right.

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