Commercial law

Lease, business and employment relationships, commercial contracts and partnership agreements, headquarters, corporation law, setting up companies, administration and recovery of claims, development projects ...


Do you need to draw up a lease agreement for business premises, an equipment lease agreement or a service agreement? Do you want to rent a vehicle and use it as a company car? Leave nothing to chance. I can draw up a proposal or the final form of your desired contract.

Commercial Contracts and Partnership Agreements

I can draw up any type of tailor-made agreement/contract to meet your needs: sales contract, preliminary contract, business purchase contract, business lease agreement, loan agreement, contract for the carriage of goods, charter agreement, brokerage contract, commercial agency agreement, dormant partnership contract, hire-purchase agreement, deposit agreement, storage contract, industrial property licence agreement, contract of mandate, consignment agreement, contract to control and supervise, letter of credit contract, contract of collection.

Business and Employment Relationships

Maybe you need legal aid also in the area of relationships between employees and employers. I provide advice concerning employment, employment contracts, management contracts, collective agreements and employer´s internal regulations. I specialize also on industrial injuries and compensation. Next, I can represent you before courts in all disputes relating to employment.

Setting Up Companies

Are you planning to establish a new company? I can prepare all necessary documents for creation of an unlimited liability company, a limited partnership company, a limited liability company, a joint stock company and a cooperative.


Get easily a new registered business address for your company! In which cases is our registered address favourable for you?

  • You promptly need a registered office for your company.
  • The owner of business premises does not want to give consent to registration of your company at their address.
  • You do not need your own physical office every day.
  • You work at home, or you do not want to put your household at risk by potential problems.
  • You want to improve your company image by registration at an attractive business address.

Corporation Law

I provide my clients with services in the area of company law. Besides creating companies and cooperatives the service includes also changes during their existence, representation in the proceedings in the Commercial Register matters, representation before the Trade Licensing Office, increase and decrease in the registered capital, holding general assembly including preparation of all relevant documents, continuous legal advice, administration and recovery of claims, liquidation of companies and cooperatives.

Development Projects

Extensive construction ensured by one investor is demanding also from a legal point of view. No matter what your position within a development project is, I can provide you with the following services: preparation of contract terms while processing initial project files and implementation project documents, drawing up a development contract, requesting geometric maps, acquisition titles and other necessary documents from the Land Register, representation in cadastral proceedings, preparation of contractual relationships with suppliers, architects or planners.

If you have a legal problem you do not know how to deal with, do not underestimate it and refer to a lawyer. Every trouble has a solution. The earlier you start to tackle it, the easier the solution and the way out of the problem is. Do not take any important legal steps on your own account. Consult an expert!

Short consultation before starting a business or a proposal for resolution of a property related dispute can prevent big worries and expenses in future years. Your lawyer is your “friend” always ready to help you whenever you doubt whether your answer or the chosen way is right.

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