Practicing law in a human manner, for humans

Most people are scared of lawyers. There is no need to worry. I prefer friendly atmosphere and informal personal approach. We are all human beings and every problem has a solution.

Lawyer and mediator Jihlava

Eva Decroix

„A lawyer is a man… always in your corner”

I received legal education and graduated with distinction in France (University of Southern Brittany, University of Lille) and in Prague at Charles University. This international experience helped me to stay on top of things, which is very necessary in legal affairs, and I draw upon this experience every day. Not only is my work style different and generous, but staying abroad allowed me to switch from Czech into French and into English fluently whilst providing legal services and I can work with clients from all around the world – which I am really grateful for.

I understand your problems because besides being a lawyer I am an entrepreneur as well, so I know that connecting everyday demanding and complicated business life and family life is difficult. As a mother of two I understand your worries about happiness of your children, irrespective of your current intimate relationships. We can make it together!

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Eva Decroix

Commercial law

  • commercial contracts and partnership agreements
  • business and employment relationships
  • setting up companies
  • corporation law
  • administration and recovery of claims
  • development projects
  • headquarters, and others
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Civil law

  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • tenancy agreements
  • loans, bills, insolvency
  • neighbourhood disputes
  • representation in judicial proceedings
  • labour and association law
  • intellectual property law
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Family law

  • premarital agreement
  • divorce
  • alimony
  • inheritance and others
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Solution consists in being able to sit down and try to communicate.

What is mediation about? About YOU! This is an extended arm to close an exhausting dispute that bothers you. Mediation is an opportunity to sit around a table, to talk about the wrongs and to try to look forwards, which is not easy. I am a mediator and I can help you.

First, I will lend an ear to you and your story, as well as to the other party, and I will try to understand it. Then, we will be looking for all possible solutions together.

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„I lend an ear to my clients and I talk to them about possible solutions openly and in a friendly way. Together we choose such a procedure which is not only correct but also beneficial to the client.”

Mediation - Eva Decroix

Advantages of Decroix law office

Services beyond borders

Thanks to our international experience, contacts and language proficiency we can provide cross-border services while remaining detached. We speak French like native speakers. English is a common language spoken in our office.


We want to be as close to our clients as possible and to overcome the barrier between the rigid legal world and the public. If you want us to help you, we need to be close to you: both mentally and physically. We maintain open and informal relationships with our clients. If we cannot meet in Jihlava or Prague we travel to meet somewhere else.


We are not just one of many law firms, we have our identity, as well as our customers. We do not want to draw up mindless reports, we want to tailor solutions to fit your needs and to move you and ourselves forwards.


All our clients are exceptional. We do not make any difference between big and small or rich or boring cases. Every case is exceptional and deserves exceptional attention.

If you have a legal problem you do not know how to deal with, do not underestimate it and refer to a lawyer. Every trouble has a solution. The earlier you start to tackle it, the easier the solution and the way out of the problem is. Do not take any important legal steps on your own account. Consult an expert!

Short consultation before starting a business or a proposal for resolution of a property related dispute can prevent big worries and expenses in future years. Your lawyer is your “friend” always ready to help you whenever you doubt whether your answer or the chosen way is right.

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