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Premarital agreements

Marriage is contracted between two people who decide to start a new life and who consider their relationship lasting and harmonious. In order to maintain the relationship consistent and not to allow property disputes to destroy it, concluding premarital agreement is an ideal solution. Future spouses should know everything about each other and a premarital agreement will surely help you resolve important financial issues before pronouncing the expected “Yes, I do.”


If you have failed to handle long-lasting mutual conflicts and divorce is the only possible solution, you should know that divorce is not only a very sensitive matter but it is a procedure involving several important decisions. Being reasonable and resolving both children´s custody and common property is indispensable. You can count on my help when going through a tough time.

Child Custody

Happiness of your children is certainly the most important to you and you want to participate in upbringing of your kids also after divorce. In guardianship proceedings a court will decide on sole physical custody of a child, possibly on alternating or joint custody. Keep your children at the forefront of your mind and make them happy even after divorce.


The most common alimony determined by court refers to the mother-child-father relationship. However, this is not the only type of maintenance and support our legal system defines. Law deals also with unmarried mothers, maintenance duty between ancestors and descendants and between former spouses. I will be happy to help you with both the performance and enforcement of any due alimony determined by the court in your case.

If you have a legal problem you do not know how to deal with, do not underestimate it and refer to a lawyer. Every trouble has a solution. The earlier you start to tackle it, the easier the solution and the way out of the problem is. Do not take any important legal steps on your own account. Consult an expert!

Short consultation before starting a business or a proposal for resolution of a property related dispute can prevent big worries and expenses in future years. Your lawyer is your “friend” always ready to help you whenever you doubt whether your answer or the chosen way is right.

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